Wholesale Jv Agreement

If they say yes, stay in touch with them and constantly bring their freshest inventory to your bar shoppers on the market. This way, you can focus on creating your own buyer list (which is the first important step for a beginner wholesaler) and not worry about getting real estate inventory right away. To learn more, take my Fast Track Wholesaling online course. Now just call the wholesaler and say, “Hello, my name is ___ and I see that you are buying and selling homes in and around_______ (location). If I bring you a cash buyer, would you be willing to share the profit with me? » Real Estate Contract Purchase Option Options_________________________________________________________________at________________.m____ If this Agreement is terminated prior to an assignment, the Option Holder may not enter into any transaction in connection with the above Property with any party brought into ownership by the Option Holder. Disclosures: Optionee is/is not a licensed real estate agent and/or agent in the _____ state. Optionee will make a profit from this transaction and does not represent any party. _______ @Andrew Cordle or @Brent Hill Can I also access this joint venture agreement? I can send my email address to any of you. .

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