Marvel And Sony Agreement

The new deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures now includes only two more films. There will be Spider-Man: Homecoming 3, which expires in July 2021 and will end Tom Holland`s Spider-Man trilogy, and another Marvel Mystery movie. Both are produced by Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios. However, the terms of the agreement have changed slightly; It is said that Disney will now receive 25 percent of the profits from Spider-Man: Homecoming 3, but that it should also pay about a quarter of the production costs. Interestingly, Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman — known as the fierce negotiator — had actually offered up to 25 percent and a co-financing deal, but Marvel and Disney were gone. Given that this is the case, it`s hard not to feel like Sony has gained the upper hand in this renegotiation, with Marvel finally signing its proposal. As early as 2019, it was also reported that a call from Tom Holland to Disney CEO Bob Iger saved Spider-Man. Tom Holland`s Spider-Man has become a major weapon for the MCU since its debut in the Marvel movies, but the rights to the character are still at Sony. It seems that the two production giants are reaching a new agreement. To learn more about the details, there is a decisive difference between this latest Spider-Man deal and the one concluded in 2015. This initial deal promised a whole series of Spider-Man blockbusters, while this one covers only two films.

It`s unclear what Marvel and Sony intend to do once these two films are shot; Will the studios return to the negotiating table or will they find a way to break this partnership? Disney understands Spider-Man`s strengths condensing money, while Sony is aware that right now it is totally unable to compete with the mouse. A new deal should appeal to many Marvel fans. Until August 2019, Marvel Studios and Disney had spent several months expanding their contract with Sony, with the latter wanting to record more films than initially agreed, while retaining the same terms of the original agreement. . . .

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