Generac Generator Service Agreement

Do you want to be present during the divine service and need an appointment? JaNein The NNG Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreement is extended in writing from one period to the next with termination by either party with a period of 30 days. This service plan applies to the private and commercial gaseous sector ignited with sparks. Plans for diesel and industrial applications are available by offer. Necessary repairs outside the scope of this service are invoiced with the customer`s authorization on the basis of time and material, less plan discounts. Elite & Elite Plus customers accept battery change every three years, in accordance with the manufacturer`s recommendation and replacement of air filters and spark plugs at the sale price, if necessary, minus discounts (included in the Premier plan). Elite Plus customers agree to change oil during secondary service if engine hours justify, on a time and material basis, fewer plan allowances (included in the Premier plan). 24-hour NNG emergency services are available for distribution and PM customers. During periods of immediate fuel inflation, surcharges may be incurred. NNG`s terms and conditions apply. To request a copy, contact our office or visit If your generator is stored with gasoline in the tank, it can be difficult to start.

This video shows you some tips to deal with this situation. Call Alternative Power Today at 919.467.8001 to discuss with a professional your service needs and how to meet them with a Generac Generator service contract. See what other Generac customers have asked about using their portable generators. This Generac standby maintenance plan offers an extended warranty (parts and work) for 5, 7 or 10 years plus 5 years of planned maintenance. For reasonable early fees and low monthly payments, we also offer a fixed price for 5 years of planned maintenance with up to two scheduled visits per year. Register your product Avoid problems with warranty service and get information about your Generac product in the future….

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