Collective Agreement Applied Science

If you work 40 hours a week, you are entitled to approximately 45 days off. You can also take special leave, such as for example. B parental leave (unpaid) and enter into long-term leave agreements with your supervisor. The Applied Science sub-group includes positions that focus on the application of in-depth scientific and technical knowledge to one of the applied science programs, which include: Agriculture. This sub-group includes positions that require the application of a thorough knowledge of a science or applied science in the performance of one or more of the following tasks: positions that do not require the application of comprehensive scientific and technical knowledge relevant to the actuary are also excluded. Positions included in the Applied Science and Patent Examination Group may also be employed in part in research in one of the following programs: agronomy or related sciences, biology, chemistry, forestry, meteorology, and physical sciences, including physics, planetary sciences, and earth sciences. The Applied Science and Patent Examination Group includes positions that primarily concern the application of in-depth scientific and professional knowledge to one of the applied scientific programs, which include: actuaries, agriculture, biology, chemistry, forestry, meteorology, physical sciences, planet and earth sciences, scientific regulation, and patents. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers excellent primary and secondary employment conditions. These are largely the result of the CAO-HBO (collective agreement for higher education employees) for 2014-2016. A number of specific conditions are set out below. Positions in the Applied Sciences sub-group may also be included in part in research in one of the following programs: agronomy or related sciences.

The agreements would cover a four-year period and would include economic increases of 2% for each of the first two years and 1.5% for each of the remaining two years of the agreements. These preliminary agreements also include new measures to facilitate their implementation and to compensate employees who do not receive retroactive payments or salary increases within the agreed timelines. TBS has published the highlights of the latest round of collective agreements signed. OTTAWA, May 28, 2019 /PR/ – The Government has reached 5 preliminary agreements with groups from the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, the Association of Canadian Financial Officers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. If the agreements are ratified, they will apply to nearly 30,000 civil servants. The purpose of this bulletin is to clarify for departments the interpretation of paragraph 13.01(c) of the Collective Agreement for Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP) as well as other collective agreements having the same language, following a recent decision of the Public Service Labour Relations Board. There is no job evaluation standard for the PS group. .

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