Agreement For Boat Repair Certification

The course covers all aspects of working in a shipyard or marina, from a small sailing yacht to container ships. From best practices to understanding high-risk operations such as Hot Works, it aims to make the student understand working in this sector. The authors are experts thanks to a combination of knowledge and experience, so they have seen when things are going well and very badly. These include project management, development of shipyards and marinas, legal aspects, types of vessels, guidelines and procedures. ISO 9001:2015 is a leading international standard for the design and implementation of a quality management system. This international standard is based on a risk-based approach to QMS. ISO 9001:2015 certification will enable SEAFIX to implement a risk-based approach to QMS in its quest for continuous improvement and efficient operation, while meeting the expectations of its customers. SEAFIX obtained its first ISO 9001 certification in 2008 and is certified annually by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. audited and compliant.

The only remote program of its kind in the world. With the support of the International Association of Ship Repair Agents (IASA) and the Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA). This course is for people who want to learn the role of a superintendent, a position in a court or more about the problems of these roles. Ideal for experienced professionals who want to update their knowledge or for people who are approaching it for the first time. For many of us who are interested in the sea, the ultimate feat is to build our own boat. This course has been designed to make our dreams come true with key information about the subtleties related to them. By integrating aspects of decision-making, management and construction processes, we can get closer to building our own ship. “Whenever your preparations for the sea are bad; The sea goes away and finds the problems” – Francis Stokes.

With easy steps to follow, this course gives a knowledge of boat building materials and skills that are of the utmost importance for the successful construction of such a ship. This course should not be the only element of building a boat, but is the best guide for the steps necessary to achieve this goal. No project is too small! We welcome local projects for individuals and businesses. Our shop is ready to make an extension cord for your camera mount, weld the aluminum frame for your bike or cut metal tubes to your specifications. Our shop can perform almost any repair or metal fabrication… Ask for it! This degree is made available to you in collaboration with the PYA – for those who wish to distinguish themselves in their career and enrich their daily activities aboard a super yacht. It is suitable for captains, crew executives and land experts such as yacht managers, brokers, recreational agents, human resources advisors, naval lawyers, owners and project managers. Whether you work at sea or ashore, this course gives you a basic knowledge of the industry on how to manage a super yacht successfully and efficiently.

Modules include: chartering, management, ISM, ISPS, human and domestic resource management, as well as other essential topics such as accounting, insurance, legal aspects, repairs and maintenance. SEAFIX – the leading ship repair and maintenance company in Micronesia. Major engine renovations, steel fabrication work, tank cleaning and welding projects for international commercial and military customers..

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