Standard Custody Agreement Pennsylvania

Regardless of the agreement you have reached, the court standard for initial custody is to determine the best interests of the child. To do this, you consider several factors. However, it is important to remember that no factor has more weight than anyone else. The following list is some of the factors, but not all, the courts will consider. It is important to indicate which priority events are. You should prioritize z.B holidays before the regular schedule. This means that if you get custody of Father`s Day, you will spend that day with your child, regardless of the Sunday plan. Shared custody is the simplest to describe in a situation where there are two children and each parent obtains full physical custody of a child. Some of the thoughts that can lead to this result are the age of the children and the taste for children. To ensure the best interests of the child, the court looks very closely at the Joint Custody agreements. The main factor of shared custody, which is also very relevant to common physical custody, is the ability of parents to talk about common decisions and to make common decisions that influence the child`s well-being. If you are constantly arguing over which religion or school, the court can make your random arrangement.

Other factors are: willingness to share custody; Fitness The child`s relationship with the parents; Preference for children The ability to stabilize a child`s school and social life; Proximity to parents` homes (primarily a factor in the school year); employment considerations (for example, long working hours. B major travel, etc.); Age and number of children Financial status Benefits for parents. In addition, the sincerity of the parties involved is important. The court will want to ensure that shared custody is not against concessions on other issues. Another question is whether the granting of shared custody will have an impact on aid programs. Currently, AFDC and medical assistance are affected by the allocation of common legal custody. Check with all social service providers before you reach an agreement or you may jeopardize your benefits.

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