Jobs Summit Framework Agreement

Partnerships with the private sector in special employer employment programs in South Africa to participate in a “one-day jobs program.” Macroeconomic Policy and Job Creation The primary objective of economic policy is to promote growth and development in order to create jobs, preserve jobs, reduce poverty and reduce inequality. In doing so, we strive to enable all our fellow citizens to live better with improvement over time. In pursuit of these goals, the government must develop and implement a wide range of economic and social programs. These basic programmes are as follows: the structures for implementing the employment strategy agreements in these areas can mimic the approach in the rest of the country. The path to job creation and the fight against poverty is not paved with false promises, but with the determination of our vision and the sweat of our joint efforts. This process focuses on growing the economy to create jobs, preserve jobs, reduce poverty and reduce inequality. NEDLAC INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT OF RAYMOND PARSONS, OVERALL BUSINESS CONVENOR IN NEDLAC, TO THE PARLIAMENTARY PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE ON LABOUR IN CAPE TOWN ON TUESDAY,12thOCTOBER 1999 JOBS SUMMIT Thank the Portfolio Committee on Labour for the opportunity to give a 15-minute introduction on this subject. Almost a year has passed since the presidential summit on 31 October 1998. We should generally look at the outcome of the summit – and the parliamentary committee on the portfolio in particular. The idea of an employment summit was originally proposed in 1996 by the Labour Market Commission of Inquiry.

After some delay, plans for the 1998 presidential summit intensified and took place on 31 October last year. Businesses supported the need for a employment summit and believe the summit has made a valuable contribution to the job creation process in South Africa. However, companies have repeatedly stressed the need, when creating expectations around the employment summit, to accept the unavailability of “quick” solutions to South Africa`s employment challenges. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to eliminate unemployment overnight. This is partly due to structural elements of our economy, partly to the historical and global context in which we find ourselves. Structural and cyclical factors contribute to the problem of unemployment. “We must not forget that South Africa has embarked on a major economic restructuring. It is important to remember the past year – when the employment summit was planned and organized – and the economic circumstances that prevailed at the time. A debate on job creation and unemployment can never be separated from their economic context.

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