Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau

Under the proposed legislation, any party may request the appointment of a mediator to assist in the negotiation of a first collective agreement. The mediator has the explicit power to review the behaviour of the parties before and after certification if he recommends the procedure to be followed. (2) Until the amendment in paragraph 1 of the collective agreement or section 84, paragraph 3, point b) (a) (a) a), the difference has been referred to arbitration by the party wishing to refer it in accordance with this section, or this amendment is likely to be challenged and difficult to apply. There is no definition of what is encircled by the various services described. In addition, the section ignores the fact that the successor may already be a contractor bound by a collective agreement with another union. Bill 30 amends the code to provide that if a collective agreement is not filed with the Board in accordance with the legal requirements, the Board of Directors may “refuse to review the collective agreement in a proceeding before the Board of Directors.” This should provide a significant incentive for the parties to present their collective agreements. 107. An order from a special representative binds all persons bound by a collective agreement and all parties to the dispute or difference. 2. In order to promote the objective of point 1, an arbitration proceeding takes into account the actual content of the facts at issue and the respective usefulness of the parties` positions in accordance with the collective agreement and applies principles consistent with the labour relations policy of this Code and is not bound by a strict legal interpretation of the dispute. “Director,” the Director of the Arbitration Office; 9.

The Ombudsman`s arbitrator decides on the complaint submitted to the arbitration within twenty-one days of the end of the proceedings. 106. (1) In the event of a dispute or difference, during the duration of a collective agreement, resulting or related to the agreement, the Minister may appoint a special representative in the interest of industrial peace. Under the current code, collective partners must submit a copy to the LRB within 30 days of the contract being concluded. This provision has often been ignored. The labour code review body stressed that the filing of collective agreements has several desirable objectives. In particular, it allows the public to access collective agreements to improve the effectiveness of collective bargaining. (c) in the case of a collective agreement between a trade union council and an employer or employer organization, within the Council, the founding unions and the employer or employers concerned by the agreement and (3) where the director appoints a member of an arbitration board in accordance with Section 86, if one of the parties cannot make the appointment. , this part supports the compensation and costs of the named person.

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