Water Supply Agreement India

Article IX In the case of appeals arising from activities carried out under this agreement, H.M.G. assumes full responsibility for the defence of such actions in Nepal and assumes responsibility for ensuring the implementation of projects implemented under this agreement and guarantees immunity, implementation or any other legal procedure. , ownership of all of these contributions or all the property that results from them. Article VIII All goods financed by the Indian government under the programme are destined for Nepal, with no import licence fees and payment of customs duties or other direct or indirect taxes for the importation or movement of goods, the sale or use of goods in Nepal. At WITNESS WHEREOF, we, the undersigned duly authorized by our respective government, signed the agreement. DONE in Kathmandu in Nepalese and English, 2 copies of this March 4, 1959. ACCORD ENTRE THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND SA MAJESTY THE GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL FOR THE DEVELOPPEMENT OF IRRIGATION, DRINKING WATER SUPPLY AND POWER The willingness to cooperate in promoting the development of small-scale irrigation and electricity and water supplies in Nepal has been agreed as follows: Her Majesty`s Government Nepal (here.M.G. and the Government of India Article X H.M G. will take the necessary safety measures during the implementation of the program to protect personnel and materials at various construction and operating sites. Article III The Indian government`s financial assistance is used: Article X1 This agreement enters into force at its signing and remains in force until 31 March 1961, unless it is stopped earlier by one of the parties with a period of three months.

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