Roommate Agreement Canada

In a well-written roommate agreement, you can talk and remember what is expected of each of the roommates. Basic housing situations are covered, for example. B whether roommates expect quiet hours or not, as well as more general rules, such as. B whether pets are allowed on the site or not. Rental contracts between tenants and landlords do not cover the rights and obligations of roommates. Roommate relationships are excluded from the Housing Act in all provinces and territories and disputes cannot be resolved by the Tenants Office. Before a new roommate moves in with you, you need to get your landlord`s consent. Your landlord will most likely want to make sure that the new roommate has a good credit and rental history and has good credentials. In addition, your landlord can also ensure that the new roommate does not exceed the occupancy limit of the rental unit. Assuming the landlord accepts the new roommate, the landlord will most likely want to review the lease to include your new roommate as a tenant.

In this way, the new roommate will also be held responsible for rents, damage to premises and all other obligations arising from the tenancy agreement. It also means that the new roommate will also be protected by the rental conditions. You and your new roommate should also sign a new roommate contract (with other roommates on the premises). The roommate contract should be updated to match the details of the lease. Tenants are jointly responsible for everything related to their lease, that is, they are all equally responsible for each other`s behaviour. If the full rent is not paid on time because of a tenant, the landlord can issue an eviction notice that applies to everyone. If the rental unit has been damaged, the landlord can claim financial compensation from any roommate, even if it is not the fault of that person. Roommates can add other terms as long as all roommates agree on this.

A model of agreement with roommates can be downloaded here. It is also useful to lay the foundations for financial commitments (such as bonds, pension benefits and rent), internal settlement and redundancy. Problems often arise when a roommate does not meet expectations. Setting these conditions not only clarifies each roommate`s obligations, but also allows a roommate to terminate the other`s lease if he does not meet those expectations. Since you and your roommate have signed the rental agreement, you will all be jointly responsible for the total amount of rent to be paid. This means that the landlord can ask you and/or one of the other roommates for undercover if the outgoing roommate does not pay his share of the rent. The landlord is not bound by the tenants` own agreement to pay only a certain portion of the rent. Apartmate has compiled a roommate agreement template that can be downloaded for free.

This agreement was written on the province of Ontario, but could be amended for any province, territory or state. Please note that Apartmate is not a legal service and does not provide legal advice. Apartmate disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this form. New What can I do if I have a problem with my roommate? A roommate agreement between roommates, whether they are roommates, tenants or inmates, can help reduce conflict and ensure better rents.

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