Public Domain License Agreement

Don`t accept anything you don`t want to respect. Look before clicking or expressly indicating your consent. Speaking of which, a contract is only enforceable against a person who agrees. Then… If you can get public domain material without making any promises or accepting any conditions, do so. Keep in mind that the law is not regulated on this issue. Creative Commons Zero is a legal instrument known as the Public Domain Widmung. It is essentially a statement of intent by the copyright holder to waive copyright in the work – that is, the copyright holder wishes to make the work available to the public. Even if a work is based on an existing public work or consists of existing public domain works, some of the work could still be protected by copyright. Let`s see how it works. Creative Commons terms of use are dedicated to the public domain under creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedicated. You are free to use and adapt these master`s conditions and all the additional conditions applicable for your own purposes.

Note, however, that these conditions may not be fully adapted to your situation. Creative Commons strongly recommends that you seek the advice of your own lawyer before reading these terms on your own website. The Open Source Initiative is not a legal organization and usually cannot help you if someone violates a copyleft license. However, from the end of 2011, one of the organizations listed below may be able to help (note that most of the application they do is about GNU GPL and AGPL licenses, although in theory they can also help impose other copyleft licenses): copyright, as with most other laws under the banner of “intellectual property” , is inherent in national law. This means that there are several differences in how copyright and other intellectual property rights can be abandoned, repealed or licensed in the world`s many legal systems. This is despite a great harmonisation of minimum levels of protection. The Internet and other communication technologies encompass these many different legal systems and therefore pose particular difficulties for a document that renounces and renounces intellectual property rights, including copyright and database rights, for use by the global community. Because of this quality of intellectual property law, this document first renounces rights and renounces the corresponding rights and rights. The same rights are then granted to jurisdictions or courts that may make it more difficult to waive or waive rights or rights. Yes, you can. But depending on the license, you probably can`t stop your customers from selling it the same way you do.

For more information, see commercial use. Many open source projects only accept fixes (code or documentation contributions) from individuals who have submitted a legal document known as a contribution agreement.

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