Google Cloud Customer Agreement

3.4 Third-party components. Components Third parties (including open source software) of services may be subject to separate licensing agreements. To the extent that a third-party license expressly replaces this agreement, that third-party license regulates the customer`s use of this third-party component. 10. Advertising. The customer may publicly declare that he is a customer of the services, in accordance with the brand guidelines. If the customer wishes to display the characteristics of the Google brand in relation to the use of the Services, the customer must obtain written permission from Google as part of the trademark policy procedure. Google may include the customer`s name or brand characteristics in a Google customer list, online or in advertising media. Google can also orally qualify the customer as a customer of the services. Neither party needs approval when it reiterates a public statement that is essentially akin to a previously approved public statement. Any use of a party`s trademark characteristics benefits the party holding intellectual property rights over those trademarks. A party may revoke the right of the other party to use its trademarks in accordance with this section by communicating a written notification to the other party and a reasonable period of cessation of use. Some of the software required by our APIs or included in our APIs can be provided under an open source license.

Open source software licenses are separate written agreements. For some APIs, open source software is listed in the documentation. To the extent that the open source software license explicitly meets the terms, the open source license instead defines your agreement with Google for the corresponding open source software. 16.1. All communications must be made in writing and addressed to the legal department and the other party`s first point of contact. The email address for messages sent to Google`s legal department is The notification is treated as written or automated or verified by electronic protocol (if any), as if it were received. For example, don`t abuse our services, but don`t interfere with our services and don`t try to access them using a method other than the interface and instructions we provided. You can only use the Services in these Terms, Your Subscription Agreement, the Order Form or the applicable Law. We may suspend or suspend the provision of services if you do not comply with our conditions or policies, or if we investigate allegations of misconduct. These service-specific terms and conditions are incorporated into the agreement under which Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform (described under available to the customer (the “agreement”).

If the agreement authorizes the resale or availability of the Google Cloud platform as part of a Google Cloud partner or reseller program, all customer references under the specific terms of the service are synonymous with partners or resellers (if any) and all references to customer data under specific service conditions.

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